Pricing of Links


Linksbull offers you a choice to either agree for automatically set prices (recommended option) or set your own price(Manual) for all links, that you intend to sell from your sites.

While negotiating for a price with buyers, we use a price range instead of a set price, to insure the best possible deals for our webmasters.

"Our GOAL is to generate more & more revenue that your site deserves".


How Linksbull determines what price to charge per link on a specific page of your site?


LinksBull while selling links to our customers, will initially set as high prices as it could be to maximize your link sales per webpage. However, if no buyers are willing to buy links at that prices, Linksbull will automatically lower the price to increase link sales from your site pages. Now, if there are many customers interested to buy links on your page, Linksbull will then automatically increase the prices for that page.

We maintain absolutely flexibility in pricing to insure our webmasters get maximum price for their link sales.


If a site has limited links, is perfectly optimized for SEO, match relevancy is high for the buyers and the placement of the link is impeccable, we want the flexibility to pay more for that link as opposed to a site that has poor SEO, too many outbound links and lack relevancy to buyers keywords.

This method insures that our price is driven by market forces of; Quality, Relevancy, Demand vs Supply.

The price of a link to be sold is based on many criteria including:

  • PageRank (PR0-9)
  • Number of outbound links(OBL) on page
  • Optimized for solid SEO
  • Popularity of site
  • Relevancy of the content
  • No of buyers interested in your pages
  • Market price of such PR with no. of outbound links

Why High Prices for contextual links?

If you browse around on the web, you'll find thousands of webmasters selling plain links posted in menu, side bar or footer with no relevancy to content whatsoever. Not only these links are worthless to the buyers but also risk the seller being caught by search engines for spam or selling paid links. Because they don't yield any significant results, they are poorly priced.

"Contextual links“on the other hand are highly targeted links that are relevant or related to the content of the buyers. These links comes from high authority websites which bring excellent traffic & search engine visibility to the site of the buyers. Hence, the value of these links is driven by market forces: Quality, Relevancy, and Demand & Supply. Hence, Prices are generally very high of such links.

The price of contextual links varies with PageRank.

Higher the rank more is the price of links. Price starts from few cents for PR0, few hundred dollars for PR6/7 and might go up to thousand dollars for a single PR8/9 link depending upon the popularity and number of outbound links on the page of the site.

You can well imagine if you have few sites with high PageRank, how much revenue it can generate for you? Do calculations for yourself and you might be earnings $1000+ within 3 months.

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