How does it Work? is a one-of-a-kind system used by thousands of publishers/site owners to sell text links from their sites. Unlike other networks, our system is custom built to protect your privacy and keep you 'Safe & Penalty- Free' on web.


All that you need to do is to Register with us & submit all your links with PageRank(PR1-8) that you wish to sell & trust us to do the rest. We'll get you buyers that are relevant to your niche & pays you as high prices as it can be.


6 Easy Steps

How it works - 6 easy steps

We follow this simple process to monetize your sites?


Step: 1

YOU register on & add Your Sites with (PR 0 - 9) for Link Sales. Before we start selling links from your site,  you need to do the following; (It just takes 2-3 minutes to complete the entire process).


1. Verify the ownership of main site listed in your LinksBull account. In order to do so, simply log into your account and visit "My Profile" page. You'll find the rest of the instructions on that page itself. 


2. In order to set Prices for Link Sales, visit the "Link Price Setting" page after you log into your LinksBull account.

You have a choice to either set Automatic Price (Recommended)  or set your own price (Manual) for link sales from your sites on LinksBull. Now, you are ready to sell links from your site

Note:- We Can Only Sell Links, Once Your Confirm The Ownership of Your Main Site.


Step: 2

We commence search for buyers looking to buy links relevant to YOUR niche or content( We have thousands of our clients looking to buy links specific to their niche or keywords).

Important: Please remember that we simply add your site(s) to our inventory, notify relevant clients and when clients are interested in links, we would notify you by email with link placement requests.


Step: 3

We notify you via mail about offers/deals with the Keywords & link placement request within your site.


Price Setting For Links

While negotiating for a price with buyers, we use a price range instead of a set price, to insure the best possible deals for our webmasters. We maintain absolutely flexibility in pricing to insure our webmasters get maximum price for their link sales.


Our Prices are driven by market forces of; Quality, Relevancy, Demand vs Supply.


The price of a link to be sold is based on many criteria including: including PageRank (PR0-9), number of outbound links on page, popularity of site, relevancy of the content & many more.


Read more on our,"Pricing of Links".

Step: 4

You accept or reject offer , If accepted, YOU Intimate us about placement of links through mail.

Please remember that you need to notify us within 3 days about link placement otherwise the deal/offer should stand cancelled/void.


Step: 5

We check & verify the links placement as specified/instructed by us.


Step: 6

Weekly Payment credited in your LinksBull account (Partial Amount).

Every week we'll credit your LinksBull account with 25% of the monthly amount(price) for which the link has been sold. However, the first week payment we'll be credited in your account at the end of the second week after the link has been placed on your site. For example: Suppose if your link was sold for $10 on 1st (Monday), then your account would be credited with $ 2.5 as first week payment at the end of second week i.e. 12 (Friday). There after you'll continue to receive regular payments subject to link be alive throughout the month on your site.

Note: You can withdraw the amount anytime subject to minimum $10 balance in your account. In case, you don't withdraw balance during the course of the month, LinksBull automatically males payment to your PayPal  account on the 30 of every month


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You may want to read our "FAQ" section for more clarification or check out "Our 6 Promises to You".

Find out,"why it's safe to sell links with us".

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